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A Mars Limerick by S.H. Proctor 0

A Mars Limerick

A limerick is a poem with five lines and is often whimsical. Lines 1, 2 and 5 rhyme with each other and lines 3 and

June 15, 2013 Sian's Blog
The Omega Patty served with home fries.
Photo by Sian 0

Recipe Contest: Omega Patties

In this episode of Meals for Mars me and Angelo make salmon patties using ground flax seed. This recipe was submitted to the HI-SEAS recipe

June 12, 2013 Meals for Mars
2013-06-10 0

Kate’s latest Discover Magazine Field Notes 06/10

On Simulated Missions, Fake Spacesuits Are a Real Challenge On June 3, 1965, astronaut Ed White pushed out of the Gemini 4 capsule and floated

June 11, 2013 Kate's Blog
My Mars Diamonte Poem web by S.H. Proctor
Photo by Simon Engler 0

My Mars Diamonte Poem

A diamonte poem is a diamond shaped poem with seven lines. It is similar to a cinquain. Here is the structure for each line: Line

June 10, 2013 Sian's Blog
Yajaira walking across ridge Photo by Sian 0


Here are pictures of the crew in spacesuits on EVA’s during the 2013 HI-SEAS mission. You can get more information on the crews testing of

June 08, 2013 HI-SEAS Mission 1, Pictures
A Mars Cinquain by Sian 0

A Mars Cinquain

A cinquain is a poem about a specific topic, consisting of 5 lines, and a required number of syllables. Line 1 = Title (noun) with

June 05, 2013 Sian's Blog
A Hexbug photo by Sian 0

The HI-SEAS Hexbug Invasion

This is a HI-SEAS education outreach project. The purpose of this post is to provide a robotics project for a 4th grade class in Calgary,

The Oatmeal Thickened Beef Stew
Photo by Sian 0

Recipe Contest: Oatmeal Thickened Beef Stew

Yajaira and I got together to make Oatmeal Thickened Beef Stew, a recipe was submitted by Jared Jones.  Neither one of us had ever used

June 03, 2013 Meals for Mars
The Hab through a night vision scope
Photo by Sian 0

A HI-SEAS Goodnight

Here is a cool short video of the night sky and habitat taken through a night vision scope

May 31, 2013 Videos
Skylight #1 google earth 0

Skylight EVA

Here is a short video of a skylight near the HI-SEAS habitat. The crew has gone on two EVA’s to the skylight. To learn more

May 31, 2013 HI-SEAS Mission 1, Videos
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