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Kate’s Latest Discover Magazine Post 5/17

Celebration in Isolation: One Month on Fake Mars One month down. On Wednesday we had a party to celebrate. We listened to a retro playlist

May 17, 2013 Kate's Blog
Moroccan Beef Tagine 
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Recipe Contest: Moroccan Beef Tagine

  Today Yajaira and I decided to make Moroccan Beef Tagine submitted by Paul Obarowski. At first glance we thought this recipe was going to

May 14, 2013 Meals for Mars
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Geological Exploration

One of the many hats I wear on this mission is that of the Crew Geologist. My other roles include Health & Safety Officer, Information

May 06, 2013 Crew Blogs, Oleg's Blog
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Mars Date 10505.20: Martian

It’s interesting keeping a personal journal when on Mars. You are generally so busy that by the time the end of the week roles around

May 06, 2013 Sian's Blog
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Stochastic To Deterministic

When considered as a separate environment, the habitat is in itself a system that can be modelled via complex system theory. However it is not

Bowl of Tibetan Tsampa Porridge
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Recipe Contest: Tibetan Tsampa Porridge

Tibetan Tsampa Porridge submitted by Tsezom Yuthok Before the 4-month mission began we held a recipe contest. I asked our audience to submit recipes we could make

May 04, 2013 Meals for Mars
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Kate’s Discover Magazine Post 5/3

Why Astronauts Need Good Noses It’s been a little over three weeks since we first stepped into our simulated Mars habitat on the slopes of

May 03, 2013 Kate's Blog
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Shaking Out Mars Habitat Glitches

SOL 7 CO2 Levels were monitored again today with a similar pattern seen before where the CO2 levels would spike in the morning. However in

April 30, 2013 Simon's Blog
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The HI-SEAS Habitat

The HI-SEAS Habitat is located at approximately 8000 ft elevation in an abandoned quarry on the northern slope of Mauna Loa.  It lies next to an

April 29, 2013 Habitats
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Mars Date 10428.14: Family

It is two weeks into the mission and everyone is settling in. It’s been a fun transition from life before Mars to life on Mars.

April 29, 2013 Sian's Blog
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