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Kate’s Discover Magazine Blog Post: Mars on Earth

I’m on the Big Island of Hawaii right now, but I’m not on vacation. I’m not honeymooning, nor am I attending a conference or visiting

April 14, 2013 Kate's Blog
Congratulations to Alice for having the recipe with the highest votes. 0

Finalist for the 2013 HI-SEAS Recipe Contest

Congratulations to Alice for having the most votes. We would like to thank everyone who submitted a recipe to the 2013 HI-SEAS Recipe Contest. We

April 01, 2013 Meals for Mars, What's Cooking
By Angelo 0

TED Fellow and crew commander Angelo Vermeulen

  Spatzle in space: Fellows Friday with Angelo Vermeulen by  Karen Eng Can real food be cooked on Mars? Thanks to the work of artist, biologist and

March 22, 2013 Angelo's Blog
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What is the HI-SEAS food study?

Here is a short video all about HI-SEAS and the food study. The HI-SEAS crew made this video during their two-seek shake-down at the Mars

March 12, 2013 Videos, Why a Food Study?
Yajaira testing gloves at MDRS.
Photo by Sian 1

Evaluating self-cleaning and antimicrobial textiles

Evaluating the performance of self-cleaning and antimicrobial textiles for use in long duration spaceflight missions Hello, I am Dr. Yajaira Sierra-Sastre and a long duration mission to

March 11, 2013 Dr. Yajaira Sierra-Sastre
Simon and his robot by Yajaira 0


By Simon Engler Given the high success rate robotic platforms have had on Mars. It is considered likely that a manned mission to mars or moon

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Morning Light for a Better Night’s Sleep?

By Kate Greene Sleeping in space is tricky. Loud machines on the space shuttle and space station and floating-arm awkwardness in low gravity can keep astronauts

March 11, 2013 Kate Greene
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Thermal Evaluation of an Analog Mars Habitat

Thermal Evaluation and Optimization of an Analog Mars Habitat Using Numerical Modeling and Instrument Measurements Hello, I am Dr. Oleg Abramov and my research will

March 11, 2013 Dr. Oleg Abramov

Watch the HI-SEAS crew introduction video!

The HI-SEAS crew is currently Crew 122 at the Mars Desert Research Station and they are conducting all kinds of cool research. This short video

March 10, 2013 Crew Research, Videos
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Submission Period Extended for HI-SEAS Recipe Contest 2013

Submissions Extended until March 22nd!! Welcome to the HI-SEAS Recipe Contest 2013 Winning recipes in each category will be featured on the HI-SEAS website and will

March 05, 2013 Home
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