Simon Engler is the research assistant for HI-SEAS and a PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Hawaii on Manoa Campus. Simon was the Crew Engineer for HI-SEAS Mission 1 and spend four months living inside the dome. He conducts research in robotics, human-robot interaction, and is currently designing mathematical models predicting human energy consumption to forecast for planetary missions. Simon obtained his BSc in Astrophysics & Mathematics in 2001 from St. Mary’s University. He also worked/studied as a scientific programmer at the University of Amsterdam in the Center for Computational Sciences until 2003.  In 2006 Simon joined the Canadian Armed Forces and served with 1 Combat Engineer Regiment for five years. He served a ten month combat tour in 2009 where in addition to his regular duties he built and tested a robotic platform. The robotic platform is now on display at the Military Museum in Calgary. He then enrolled a MSc robotics program at the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary. Simon participated in an internship at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University helping with Zoe, the first Astrobiological robot prototype being designed for a mission on Mars. Simon enjoys hiking on the Hawaiian trails, snorkeling, and sailing his 37′ Rafiki Cutter sailboat.