HI-SEAS: Hawaii Space Exploration Analogue & Simulation

Deadline: 2nd April, 2018


Applicants must be between 21 and 65 years of age. They must be
tobacco-free, able to pass a class- 2 flight physical examination, and
able to understand, speak and write fluently in English. They must meet
the basic requirements of the NASA astronaut program (i.e., an
undergraduate degree in a science or engineering discipline, three years
of experience or graduate study, etc.); in addition, they will be
evaluated for experience considered valuable in the program, such as
experience in complex operational environments.

Pre-screening will be carried out by a panel of experts who are familiar
with the astronaut selection process. Candidates selected for further
evaluation and screening will be contacted by e-mail to schedule a
screening. There will be no charge to applicants for any screening
procedures, and no risks in these procedures over and above those of
daily life.

Selected subjects will be compensated for their participation and for
associated travel and housing costs.

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