Crew Communication in Debriefs


The purpose of this effort is to investigate how communication among crews during required debriefs changes over time and the degree to which it is indicative of team processes.

Dr. Bedwell will secure video recordings of crew EVA debriefs as well as any general debriefs that occur throughout the duration of the mission for analysis to determine the degree to which the communication reflects core team processes known to contribute to team effectiveness. Dr Bedwell will also have access to crew EVA reports, which crews are required to do upon completion of an EVA. Crews are also required to record EVA debriefs so there are no specific requirements of crews beyond conducting a pre-brief and debrief prior to and after each EVA.

Dr. Bedwell will conduct all end-of-mission debriefs to gather additional information regarding crew interpersonal interactions and mission-relevant tasking, among other topics necessary to help ensure successful future long-duration space exploration missions in isolated, confined and extreme environments.

*Contact:* Dr. Wendy L. Bedwell, PACE Consulting Solutions, LLC, Palm Harbor, FL.