Self-Guided Stress Management and Resilience Training 

Stress-related health and mental problems are among the most common and costly in the country, and for those working in operational environments (i.e., astronauts) stress-related problems can seriously impact their performance, safety, and well-being. This project aims to evaluate the effectiveness, usefulness, acceptability, and usability of a self-guided multimedia stress management and resilience-training program called SMART-OP (stress management and resilience training for optimal performance). SMART-OP is designed for individuals working operational settings (e.g., Hi-Seas). Participants will use SMART-OP during the first 6 weeks of their mission. SMART-OP comprises 6 weekly 30-45 training sessions interactively teaching evidence-based stress management and resilience training skills that help the user to think more flexibly, regulate emotions, and behave optimally. Participants will complete pre- and post-mission assessments examining perceived stress, control over stress, resilience, mood, anxiety, sleep, and stress biomarker data (salivary cortisol and α-amylase). An important aspect of the research that NASA supports is the potential applications on Earth and benefits to society in general. SMART-OP could have significant impact on Earth in helping people manage the deleterious effects of stress thereby addressing a major aspect of the important work that NASA pursues and supports.

Contact: Raphael D. Rose, PhD, Department of Psychology, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.