Sophie Milam

Sophie grew up in San Antonio, TX with 3 brothers before moving to Evanston, IL and attending Evanston Township High School; after high school she moved to Hawaii for college and got undergraduate degrees in Physics and Astronomy. Her work with PISCES during this time led to an internship with the NASA Academy program at the Ames Research Center in California where she worked on rapid climate changes with Dr. Nathalie Cabrol and the High Altitude Lakes project.  Still pursuing her Masters of Engineering at the University of Idaho in Moscow, she has been working with Dr Vytas Sunspiral and the Tensegrity team withing the Intelligent Robotics Group at Ames.  Her research while in the dome will focus on evolutionary algorithms to create different gaits for her 3-Tensegrity structure.

From an early age Sophie enjoyed playing soccer and other team sports and this love continued into her college career.  She enjoys being outside with her family friends and dog as much as being inside watching movies or reading with her hedgehog.  After the dome she plans on going into STEM outreach in the Northwest and sharing her robotic projects.