Like on every space mission, there are a large number of people involved in the day to day functions of like in the HI-SEAS simulation. First Tier Support consists of volunteers that take about four hours a week to monitor communications and trouble shoot any issues within the HI-SEAS habitat. Second Tier Support consists of personnel that have direct knowledge of the habitat systems, and are able to provide support on site if required. HI-SEAS would not be able to function without the help of these volunteers and their dedication through the mission is invaluable.

First Tier Support

Melissa Battler
Annie Caraccio
Arthur Cunningham
Margaret Eberle
Kristine Ferrone
Joseph Gruber
Jamie Guined
James Harris
Christopher Horan
Steve Jones
Lucy Lenio
Cassandra Marion
Joshua Nelson
Anima Patil-Sabale
Lucie Poulet
Josh Richards
Jennifer Steil
Tiffany Swarmer
Marcello Valdatta
Ron Williams

Second Tier Support

Ileana Argyris
Kim Binsted
Bryan Caldwell
Simon Engler
Jean Hunter
Brian Shiro