Dr. Hunter is Associate Professor in the Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University. Her research focuses on space life support including design of food systems for planetary missions, water processing, and management of solid wastes. Her outreach activities include engineering presentations for K-12 audiences, organizing the annual ICES session on outreach and education, and supporting the Mars Desert Research Station as PI of the MDRS food study, Remote Science Committee member, and manager of crew recruitment and selection. She is PI of NASA Grant NNX11AE53G, a study comparing food acceptability, crew mood/health, and food system resource utilization for two competing dietary systems for planetary exploration, the grant for which the HI-SEAS analog test bed is being constructed.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chemical Engineering, B.Sc. 1976

Columbia University, Chemical Engineering, M.Sc. 1985

Columbia University, Chemical Engineering, Doctor of Engineering Science, 1987