Do you have equipment to test or an experiment that you would like to have conducted on the upcoming HI-SEAS analog mission? We invite you to submit an “opportunistic research” application for the next HI-SEAS mission, which is set to start in October 2014 and will run for eight months.

On an actual planetary surface mission, astronauts would be engaged in a broad variety of research, exploration, engineering, and outreach activities, as well as exercising and carrying out routine housekeeping chores. Our crew members have to be busy in the same way astronauts are busy, so that they have realistic schedules and time limitations. Also, we are eager to support research that will help advance the human exploration of space. For these reasons, we invite external research projects for the crew to carry out.


Photo: Ross Lockwood


Application Deadline:  8th September, 2014

Conditions: Proposers are expected to cover the costs of the experimental process, such as shipping equipment and supplies. However, there is no additional cost for conducting the experiment at HI-SEAS. HI-SEAS personnel will work with successful proposers on institutional review and data sharing procedures.

Criteria: We are particularly interested in research that a) advances NASA’s goals, b) requires a long-duration analog for best results and c) does not confound the primary research on crew cohesion and performance.

Application Procedure:

1) Please submit a short description of your proposed research project, specifying the study goals, procedures and equipment (if any). Around 500 words should suffice.

2) Applications of interest to HI-SEAS will be contacted by the email provided in the submitted application form. A more detailed proposal will be requested outlining the exact experimental procedures, equipment and time requirements.

3) From those invited to supply a detailed experimental proposal, experiments will be chosen that HI-SEAS is able to implement within the Analog mission.

We thank everyone in advance for their interest and applications.