Ross Lockwood - Photo Credit Sarah Martens

Ross Lockwood

Ross Lockwood grew up in the small Canadian town of Winfield, British Columbia, where he developed a passion for science, engineering, and space exploration. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Honors Physics at the University of Alberta in 2008, and is currently in the last year of his PhD in Condensed Matter Physics. In his research he investigates silicon quantum dots and their potential future use in light-based sensors. His training as an experimental physicist focused on experiment design and development, as well as extensive chemical experience in silicon processing.

His enjoyment of exploration and photography extends into the underwater world as an active member of the scuba diving community, both as a diver and as an assistant scuba diving instructor. Ross shares his commitment to scientific outreach and passion for astronomy through public and educational initiatives at the University of Alberta Observatory, where he worked as a graduate teaching assistant for four years. He communicates his understanding of science as a guest lecturer at the University of Alberta and as a writer for the University of Alberta’s Science Contours magazine. He will document his experience with HI-SEAS on his personal science blog,, as well as Facebook, and Twitter.