Hello, I am Dr. Sian Proctor and for the HI-SEAS mission I have chosen to be the crew video and photo correspondence & outreach education officer. So instead of conducting formal research my goal is to document and disseminate to the general public all the interesting research we do during the mission. I will use media to document activities occurring in the habitat including food preparation, research endeavors, and social activities. I will be bringing in a variety of cameras and video equipment for both me and the crew to use. Most of the material gathered will be put on the HI-SEAS website and social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

As the outreach and education officer I will be creating a weekly update to the HI-SEAS website. The update will include items such as 1) Meals on Mars: a weekly video highlighting the meals of the week and the ingredients used, 2) Inside the Science: a weekly update highlighting various aspects of the research happening within and around the habitat, and 3) Mission Mars: a weekly information post on past Mars missions, interesting Mars facts, and thoughts about why exploring the solar system, and Mars in particular, is a worthy endeavor.

The website will also include engaging interactive components such as recipe contests, design your habitat, and where would you land on Mars activities. Website analytic data and social media usage will be tracked and analyzed weekly during the mission to determine interesting trends and to help determine what areas people are focusing most on. During the HI-SEAS mission I hope to further develop my media skills, my communication skills, and my web development skills.  I hope the process I develop for educational outreach and the lessons I learn during the HI-SEAS mission will becomes a useful model for future online educational projects.