This is a HI-SEAS education outreach project. The purpose of this post is to provide a robotics project for a 4th grade class in Calgary, Canada. We hope that through this project, and a follow up visit to the classroom, that the students will be more excited about exploration, engineering, and Mars.

Hexbugs photo by Sian

Hexbugs photo by Sian

Simon (and Pleo) visited Ms. Phelan’s 4’th grade class before starting the HI-SEAS  mission. The goal of this video is to get the students to observe and investigate a set of Hexbug’s donated to the class by Simon.


1. Print out the worksheet: Robotics and Sensors Experiment

2. Show video below to students.

3. Have students design experiment and fill out worksheet.

4. Share your results with the HI-SEAS crew by leaving comments and links to the students experiments below.