Chris Lowe is a Space Systems Engineer from the South East of England. He is 27 and lives with his partner, Louise, in Glasgow, Scotland. He began as a PhD candidate in September 2011 at the Advanced Space Concepts Laboratory, University of Strathclyde, where his research is focussed on improving the efficiency of multi-agent, small satellite Space missions by combining Model-based Systems Engineering, Simulation and Multi-Objective Optimisation approaches and applying them across the mission lifecycle. Prior to joining the ASCL, Chris worked as a Design Engineer at Magna Parva Ltd, a company dedicated to the design and analysis of
technologies destined for extreme environments. In this role, he worked on various Space Science instruments including the ‘Life Marker Chip’ (ExoMars) and the ‘Mercury Imaging Xray Spectrometer’ (BepiColombo). In addition, he holds both Undergraduate & Masters degrees in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southampton. In his spare time, Chris enjoys most things that the outdoors has to offer, including Climbing, Sailing, Flying, Cycling and Swimming, with Squash and Bouldering consuming most of his down-time during the week. When the weather permits (this is not all too often in the Scottish Highlands!), he finds fulfillment in escaping Glasgow’s city lights, setting up a camp and getting stuck into a good book under the night sky.