MDRS station

The HI-SEAS crew will be doing a two-week shakedown at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) January 12-26th. MDRS is a research facility located in the Utah desert. The unique cylinder design has two levels. The lower floor has laboratories, an EVA prep room, shower, toilet, and workshop area.


The upper deck has sleeping quarters, computer work station, kitchen, and dining facilities. The station is designed to house 6 crew members.


Crew members will also have access to the Musk Observatory equipped with a Celestron 14-inch CGE1400 telescope. Robotic Engineer Simon Engler and Dr. Sian Proctor will be conducting research on binary stars during the two-week mission. During our two week mission we will be able to conduct EVA’s. There are procedures for leaving the habitat. This video provides a look at how a crew member will prepare for an EVA.