Congratulations to Alice for having the recipe with the highest votes.

Congratulations to Alice for having the most votes.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted a recipe to the 2013 HI-SEAS Recipe Contest. We had an amazing amount of entries and they were all extremely creative. We had so many submissions that we added a 5th category of Soups and Stews. This enables us to pick 25 recipes instead of 20. We wish we could make them all but time won’t allow it. So here are the 25 finalist by category. We will be making your recipes during the 4-month mission and posting about them here on our website. At the end of the mission we will announce who had the top recipes. Thanks again for all the entries!



SPAM ‘n egg bao-wich Don Chow
No-crust quiche muffins Lisa Young
Gunner’s Water-Saving Mile High Martian Pancakes Sarah Rose
Blueberry Lemon Cornmeal Pancakes Diana Zeimen
Great Himalaya Foods – Tibetan Tsampa Porridge Tsezom Yuthok


Main Dish


Hi-SEAS Spam Fried Rice A. Kirk McCarty
Curried SPAM-Fried Rice Noodles by Jenn Chow
Omega patties Aquilla Elfindale
Hi-SEAS Cajun Style Spam Jambalaya James Harris
Campfire Hash Jessica McPeake


Soups and Stews


Bean Soup with Herb Biscuits by Joan Peterson
Moroccan Beef Tagine by Paul Obarowsk
Oatmeal thickened beef stew by Jared Jones
Chicken & Spinach Enchilada Soup by Karin Shan
Spacely Sprocket’s Spilt-pea and Spam Soup by Mark Rognstad


Side Dishes


Spam Musubi by Sarah Rose
Lemon-Dill Pasta Salad by Diana Zeimen
Olympus Mons fruit salad Aquilla Elfindale
Arabia Terra Tabouli Mark Rognstad
Spicy Veg Sushi Rolls Michele McGinn


Desserts and Snacks


Crater Crunch Bars by Annie Albert
Colorful Chip and Cracker Snacks by Alice Friedemann
Dark matter cake with Stardust frosting by Aquilla Elfindale
Hawaiian Celebration Cake by Joan Peterson
Martian Skin by Brighton Grow