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The habitat in the moonlight.
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The Hab

  We arrived in silent wonder. The moonlight illuminating our way. 120 days. Orion watching – patiently knowing. We are home

April 18, 2013 The Habitat
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What is the HI-SEAS food study?

Here is a short video all about HI-SEAS and the food study. The HI-SEAS crew made this video during their two-seek shake-down at the Mars

March 12, 2013 Videos, Why a Food Study?
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Why a Food Study?

Why are we researching food for a mission to Mars that isn’t scheduled? Because NASA recognizes that such a mission will take place sooner or

November 14, 2012 FAQ
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The Habitat

MDRS Habitat Floor Plan Are there any laboratory facilities in the habitat? The crew will spend two weeks in the Mars Desert Research station (MDRS)

November 14, 2012 The Habitat
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Why Other Research?

Why are crewmembers studying robotics, sleep, exercise and so forth, instead of concentrating on food?  On an actual planetary surface mission, astronauts would be engaged

November 14, 2012 Other Research
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