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HI-SEAS Crew 2 - photo by Ross Lockwood 1

HI-SEAS Mission 2: Return to Earth on 7/25/2014 2 PM EST

The HI-SEAS Crew 2 is going to have a live Google Hangout event for when we return to “Earth” from “Simulated Mars”. We’ve been living

July 24, 2014 Media, Mission 2
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Lunar Eclipse EVA

HI-SEAS 2 Crew conducted an evening EVA to watch the lunar eclipse on 14 April 2014. Some fantastic photos were taken by crew member Ross

April 16, 2014 HI-SEAS Mission 2A, Home, Mission 2
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Preparations for Mission 2 Underway

Everyone is working hard in preparation for the upcoming mission. The solar panels are being set up and the media is starting to arrive. The

March 09, 2014 Mission 2
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Dr. Ronald Williams Biography

Dr Ron Williams was born and raised in Bloomington Indiana.  He received his BA degrees in Psychology and Chemistry at Indiana University Bloomington in 1976. 

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Tiffany Swarmer Biography

Tiffany Swarmer works with the University of North Dakota’s (UND) Human Spaceflight Laboratory where she provides support as a study coordinator, research assistant, biologist, and

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Casey Stedman Biography

  Casey Stedman is an officer in the United States Air Force Reserve and a passionate advocate of space exploration. Although he was born in Vermont,

March 08, 2014 Mission 2
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Lucie Poulet Biography

Lucie Poulet is a research associate and PhD candidate at the Institute of Space Systems of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Bremen. She works at designing greenhouse modules for

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Ross Lockwood Biography

Ross Lockwood grew up in the small Canadian town of Winfield, British Columbia, where he developed a passion for science, engineering, and space exploration. He

March 08, 2014 Mission 2
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Anne Caraccio Biography

Anne Caraccio grew up on Long Island, New York and earned her B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Manhattan College. Ms. Caraccio came on

March 08, 2014 Mission 2
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Mission 2 Crew

HI-SEAS is proud to announce the crew for Mission 2, which is set to begin on March 28th, 2014. Ross Lockwood Casey Stedman Dr. Ronald

February 20, 2014 HI-SEAS Mission 2A, Mission 2
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