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SOLO Energy Bars

HI-SEAS would like to extend our thanks for support from SOLO Energy bars

April 11, 2016 Special Thanks
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Special thanks to Bionolux

Special thanks to Bionolux for their donation of equipment to HI-SEAS  

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Special Thanks – GALACTIC FARMS

HI-SEAS would like to acknowledge and thank Galactic Farms for their support

October 05, 2015 Special Thanks
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Special Thanks – Dignity Health

HI-SEAS would like to recognize support received from Dignity Health.  

October 05, 2015 Special Thanks
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Special thanks to Hexoskin

Hexoskin has provided support and clothing for collecting biometric data for the HI-SEAS III mission

April 03, 2015 Special Thanks

Special Thanks to Hawaii Preparatory Academy

HI-SEAS would like to thank the Hawaii Preparatory Academy for all their work on the habitat telemetry and networking systems

October 06, 2014 Special Thanks
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Cookware Software

Special Thanks to David Cook for Uila Habitat Software.    

July 22, 2014 Special Thanks
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Mauna Loa Observatory

Special thanks for support from Mauna Loa Observatory                

June 06, 2014 Special Thanks
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