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Occupy Mars: History of Robotic Red Planet Missions (Infographic)

Source All about our solar system, outer space and exploration

July 28, 2013 Inside Mars, Mars
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Space Food

How do you keep food fresh on a three-year round-trip to Mars? Watch Space Food on PBS. See more from NOVA science

July 22, 2013 Inside Mars, Mars
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Curiosity Rover: Trek to Mount Sharp

Want to know how Curiosity Rover gets around? The video below describes how NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity heads on the long journey to the mission’s

July 18, 2013 Mars, Roving Mars
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Proposed 2020 Mars Rover Science Goals

A team of scientists and engineers gives proposals for NASA’s 2020 Mars rover mission. Source of Video: NASA JPL News Videos

July 12, 2013 Mars, Roving Mars
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Selecting a landing site on Mars

Curious about how NASA chooses a landing site? Watch this video to learn about the landing sites considered  for the Curiosity rover. For more on the

July 09, 2013 Mars, Roving Mars
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The Challenges of Getting to Mars: The Cruise to Mars

Preparing to launch to Mars is a complex process. In this first video learn how NASA scientist and engineers got ready to launch Curiosity to

July 06, 2013 Mars, Roving Mars
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Curiosity’s Cameras

Curiosity is at Point Lake on Mars and will snap pictures to send home. Find out more about the rover’s 17 cameras, including why some

July 04, 2013 Mars, Roving Mars
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Dry Ice Moves on Mars

Is frozen carbon dioxide a key to features in some Martian gullies? To find out, scientists grabbed a bag of dry ice and took a

July 02, 2013 Inside Mars
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How Did Mars Lose Its Atmosphere?

From NASA Goddard: Multimedia Video Gallery Though it doesn’t look like a nice place to live now, Mars may have had an atmosphere more like

June 15, 2013 Inside Mars
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Evidence of a Watery Mars

Source All about our solar system, outer space and exploration

December 29, 2012 Inside Mars
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