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Simon’s Blog

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HI-SEAS Slideshow

Checkout Simon’s slideshow on the HI-SEAS mission. He created this for the University of Calgary. They are having an event featuring Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.

July 04, 2013 Simon's Blog, Videos
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Stochastic To Deterministic

When considered as a separate environment, the habitat is in itself a system that can be modelled via complex system theory. However it is not

May 06, 2013 Simon's Blog
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Shaking Out Mars Habitat Glitches

SOL 7 CO2 Levels were monitored again today with a similar pattern seen before where the CO2 levels would spike in the morning. However in

April 30, 2013 Simon's Blog
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SOL 0 It was dark, and the headlights flashed unusual rock shapes with twisted and jagged shadows. The drive up to Mona Loa was quiet

April 22, 2013 Simon's Blog
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