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UNSW Engineers – emagazine features Martha Lenio

Life on Mars 20th November 2014 Introduction Martha Lenio, a UNSW solar PhD and academic, became the first female commander of a NASA-funded Mars mission

November 19, 2014 Media, Mission 3
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Video by University of Hawaii on HI-SEAS 3

Researchers embark on longest space simulation on U.S. soil               Published on 16 Oct 2014 Six astronaut-like crew members

October 22, 2014 Media, Mission 3
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HI-SEAS Featured in the New York Times

In a Dome in Hawaii, a Mission to Mars By KENNETH CHANGOCT. 20, 2014 On the way to Mars, Neil Scheibelhut stopped by Walmart for

October 22, 2014 Media, Mission 3
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Crew Commander Martha Lenio Featured in Globe and Mail Article

Canadian leads NASA mission to fake space TENILLE BONOGUORE Special to The Globe and Mail Published Friday, Oct. 03 2014, 8:56 PM EDT Last updated

October 04, 2014 Media, Mission 3
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Crewmember Jocelyn Dunn Featured in Purdue University News

Purdue student to live in simulated space habitat September 30, 2014 WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — A Purdue University industrial engineering doctoral student is among six

October 03, 2014 Media, Mission 3
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Crewmember Neil Scheibelhut on Radio Australia

NASA stages mock mission to Mars in Hawaii Updated 29 September 2014, 12:01 AEST The team will blast off in just two weeks time, to

October 02, 2014 Media, Mission 3
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KITV 4 News Features HI-SEAS in Video

Six crew members have been selected for the next SIMULATED mission to Mars. The astronaut-like crew members will spend eight months inside their dome habitat

September 30, 2014 Media, Mission 3
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Martha Lenio featured in University New South Wales Article

UNSW solar PhD leads simulated Mars mission 01 October 2014 A UNSW photovoltaics PhD graduate and former academic Martha Lenio will command an eight-month Mars

September 30, 2014 Media, Mission 3
HI-SEAS Crew 2 - photo by Ross Lockwood 1

HI-SEAS Mission 2: Return to Earth on 7/25/2014 2 PM EST

The HI-SEAS Crew 2 is going to have a live Google Hangout event for when we return to “Earth” from “Simulated Mars”. We’ve been living

July 24, 2014 Media, Mission 2
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Call for Research Applications

Do you have equipment to test or an experiment that you would like to have conducted on the upcoming HI-SEAS analog mission? We invite you

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