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Introducing the HI-SEAS IV Crewmembers – 365 Day Simulated Mars Mission

Introducing the HI-SEAS IV Crewmembers – 365 Day Simulated Mars Mission 4th August 2015 Crew Commander: Carmel Johnston is a soil scientist from Whitefish, Montana.

August 04, 2015 Current Mission, Media, Mission 4
sheynaRadio 0

St. Louis Radio Interview with HI-SEAS IV Medical Officer

St. Louis Radio interviews our incoming HI-SEAS IV Medical Officer, Dr. Sheyna Gifford. Fortunately the broadcast was taped and you can watch here:    

August 04, 2015 Current Mission, Media, Mission 4
domePanels 0

Announcing the HI-SEAS 365-Day Simulation Crew

Six scientists to spend 365 days in isolation for HI-SEAS simulated Mars trip July 29, 2015 The crew that will spend 365 days in isolation

Back_to_Earth_celebration 0

HI-SEAS Back to Earth Celebration! (June 13th)

Join the “Back to Earth” celebrations on Saturday 10:30am HST at Kona Old Airport Road soccer fields, or watch the end of mission events online

June 11, 2015 Media, Mission 3
mediaRelease 0

Media, Public Invited to Meet and Greet sMars Crew “Returning to Earth”

The end of HI-SEAS III mission is fast approaching! June 13th, 2015 will be the exit date for the crew. To celebrate the exit the

May 28, 2015 Media, Mission 3
marsGolfDigest 0

HI-SEAS III Featured in ‘Golf Digest’

Crew member Jocelyn Dunn is featured in Golf Digest

April 24, 2015 Media, Mission 3
newYorker 0

HI-SEAS Featured in New Yorker Magazine

HI-SEAS is featured in the New Yorker Magazine

April 13, 2015 Media, Mission 3
habitatTour 0

HI-SEAS Mission III Habitat Tour 2015

HI-SEAS III Crew give us an excellent tour of the habitat and life inside the dome

waterlooArticle 0

HI-SEAS featured on Universtiy of Waterloo engineering website

Engineering experience takes flight on NASA simulated mission Febuary 2015,   By Carol Truemner Mars on Mars – where Mars is a Dome in Hawaii

March 03, 2015 Media, Mission 3
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