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Dr. Yajaira Sierra-Sastre Biography

Dr. Yajaira Sierra-Sastre is a materials scientist and educator with ten years of research experience in academic, federal, and private institutions.  Yajaira received her BS


Angelo Vermeulen’s Biography

Angelo Vermeulen is a biologist, space researcher, filmmaker, visual artist, community organizer, and author. His original PhD training in ecology, environmental pollution and teratology plays a crucial


Kate Greene’s Biography

Kate Greene is a San Francisco-based science and technology journalist. Her work has appeared in Discover magazine, The Economist, U.S. News & World Report, Popular Mechanics, and Technology Review, among others.


Dr. Sian Proctor Biography

Dr. Sian Proctor is a geology professor at South Mountain Community College in Phoenix, Arizona. Throughout her adult life she has pushed herself to take on


Dr. Oleg Abramov Biography

Dr. Oleg Abramov was born January 1978 in St. Petersburg, Russia, and grew up in Brooklyn, NY. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Clarkson