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Announcing the HI-SEAS 365-Day Simulation Crew

Six scientists to spend 365 days in isolation for HI-SEAS simulated Mars trip July 29, 2015 The crew that will spend 365 days in isolation

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Call for Research Applications

Do you have equipment to test or an experiment that you would like to have conducted on the upcoming HI-SEAS analog mission? We invite you

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Crewmember Annie Caraccio featured on NASA Website

NASA Engineer Pioneering Research for Future Deep-Space Explorers Image Credit:  NASA/Dan Casper “I love doing research involving technologies that support human spaceflight, especially when many

Making sushi on Mars is possible
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How to Cook on Mars

Here is an excellent Science Friday article on the HI-SEAS food study by Julie Leibach. “Whipping up a meal on Mars isn’t quite the same

February 04, 2013 Press Releases
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Interviews of Simon talking about HI-SEAS

Robotics expert and masters student Simon Engler mugs for a photo in the ICT building at the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alta. on Wednesday,

November 15, 2012 Press Releases
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This Is the Food We’ll Eat on Mars

The HI-SEAS crew learns to prepare food for their upcoming mission. Photo Credit: Dr. Sian Proctor Popular Science article on the HI-SEAS mission By Paul Adams:

June 17, 2012 Press Releases
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Space food being cooked up at Cornell University

HI-SEAS crew attend a week long cooking school at Cornell University. Photo Credit: Dr. Sian Proctor News Channel 9 article and video on the HI-SEAS

June 17, 2012 Press Releases
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