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Zak Wilson’s Blog: Print My Martian Designs

PRINT MY MARTIAN DESIGNS April 16, 2015 I’ve begun to upload a few of the objects I’ve designed to thingiverse so that others can download

April 21, 2015 Uncategorized
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Zak Wilsion’s Blog: More Interviews

MORE INTERVIEWS January 26, 2015 Another interview mostly discussing our communication delay and the app we are using to send delayed voice…(more)

January 27, 2015 Mission 3, Uncategorized
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RSoFM Inventory Project Intro

Real Science on Fake Mars Consumption Tracking project intro with Crew Scientist Jocelyn Dunn explaining the need for comprehensive tracking systems for food on a

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Zak Wilson’s Blog: Merry Christmas from Mars

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM MARS December 23, 2014 · by Zak Wilson The Mars version of 12 days of Christmas – video Clearly we are a bit

December 23, 2014 Mission 3, Uncategorized
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Martha Lenio’s Blog: Energy on Mars

Energy on Mars Posted on November 18, 2014 So we have some pretty cool energy systems here on “Mars”. We get the majority of our

November 20, 2014 Mission 3, Uncategorized
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Jocelyn Dunn’s Blog: The age-old battle against the clock!

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2014 The age-old battle against the clock! While contemplating my move to the dome, I had two competing voices, not unusual for

November 20, 2014 Mission 3, Uncategorized
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Answers to questions – Video 6

Last week, we got many questions from classes in Bremen, Germany and La Grave / Villar d’Arêne, France. This is our last video, since the

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Geography Lessons (APRIL 10, 2014)

Blog by Crew Commander Casey Stedman: “I”m the navigator, I have a right to know where I’m going!”  Astronaut Don Eisle, prior to his Apollo

May 04, 2014 Uncategorized
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Applications closed

APPLICATION IS NOW CLOSED Deadline for applications is November 1, 2013 Researchers from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa are seeking crewmembers for a new

October 01, 2013 Uncategorized
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HI-SEAS Orientation Week

HI-SEAS would like to thank Brian Shiro for writing a great post about our pre-mission orientation week. What would you do in your last week

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